Ultramar Caffè Srl is an important italian company that produces coffee in capsules compatible with the most widespread systems, completing it’s services with the Beverages Division, focused on the distribution of various kinds of drink.
The company began with the dream of its founders, one that rests on solid experience in the industry: a team of professionals who have honed their skills in the development of a special technology to obtain water with excellent properties, specific for tea and coffee machines.

The Group Ultramar Invest





OLTREMARE S.P.A. focus its business in the production and sales of filters, applications and technologies for the treatment of primary waters, liquids and gas, and also the many other activities connected.

ULTRAMAR CAFFÈ SRL is focused in the production of Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules, the distribution of Food and Beverages and completes its offers with a vast selection of coffee and tea machines.

BIOMARINE SRL is on the business of production and installation of innovative systems and tools for the treatment of the primary and ballast waters and also for drinking water and activities related to it.

OLTREMARE TECH SRL is directly under Oltremare Spa, but its main business is the production and sales of big projects and the management of everything related to these.