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From the coffee roasting to the shelf. Innovative packaging solutions and ecofriendly options. Our know-how, the key to your company’s growth.

Ultramar Caffè Srl is an italian roasting factory that is aimed at the Italian and international market as producer of compatible capsules and coffee beans and ground. It is the perfect supplier for large-scale organized distribution , producing both under its own brand and for private labels.

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Available format

La costante ricerca, la capacità di prevedere le necessità del mercato e l’esperienza con i grandi marchi del settore, ci permettono di disporre sempre dei formati e materiali di confezionamento più ricercati sul mercato. 


  • Compatibili Nespresso®* Alluminio
  • Compatibili Nespresso®* Compostabile
  • Compatibili Nespresso®* Plastica
  • Compatibili Nescafé®* Dolce Gusto®*

Caffè in grani / Macinato:

  • Confezione 1 Kg / 500 g / 250 g – Triple 
  •  1 Kg / 500 g / 250 g – Recyclable Pack (no aluminium)
  • Confezione 1 Kg / 500 g / 250 g – Compostable pack

*The trademarks are not owned by Ultramar Caffè nor by companies related to it.

Quality  & Competence

Our strength is high quality standards and the experience gained by the cooperation with biggest coffee brands. Thanks to our ambition in constantly reaching higher goals, we obtained the most important certifications and highest quality standard while the passion for research has led us to offer you a wide range of packaging format and an incredible production capacity.

The latest addition is the 16-lane machine for packaging coffee in aluminum capsules, to produce over 1,000,000 capsules per day.

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