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The coffee and the solubles

The different blends of coffee and solubles used in our products are selected from the finest quality coffee and powdered products and undergo strict controls regarding the degree of humidity, the degree of roasting and the absence of contamination from various harmful agents. All raw materials used are fully traceable from the supplier to the consumer and certified by careful analysis.

Storage of raw materials takes place in area where humidity and temperature are monitored. The different raw materials are stored and marked in such a way as to avoid any possibility of cross-contamination between product allergens (soybeans/gluten/lactose) during all phases of production.
An area dedicated to the storage of organic products avoids any contamination between different products.


The roasted coffee is ground directly in ourproduction area. The particle size of ground coffee isalways verified by a MASTERSIZER system thatallows the perfect grinding for each different coffee blend.
Every production requires a different coffee grindand preliminary tests are carried out to assess their effectiveness.

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