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The Ultramar Caffè Production

Ultramar caffè has independent, modern and fully automated filling lines dedicated to both Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules. The entire process, from the filling machines until the finished product pallets, is fully automated and subjected to constant monitoring from our operators.

Conveyor belts make all the system work leading from the filling machines to the packing and cartoning machines, until the final palleting machines. Each filling machine lets us work on different production lines with 4 adjustable parameters by the operator. This allows us to make any corrections on each single line and ensure that the final product is consistent regardless of the production line used. The encapsulation process, completely automated, takes place within a closed system containing nitrogen with a high purity level of 99%.

The capsules are taken by a practitioner that has them lined up, taken from a mechanical arm that has 4 at a time on a fork and lined with a triple layered lasered film. The coated capsule passes under a photocell that eventually discards the product that doesn’t have the film. The capsule is then filled with product with a mechanical dispenser according to the recipe, finally being sealed with a top lid which completely seals the product. During production, verifications concerning the product weight inserted in each capsule are constantly being made, both by the quality control managers and the production manager, as well as verifications on the welding, the % of oxygen inside the capsule, the proper delivery of the product by the different Nespresso® and Dolce Gusto® machines on the market, measuring the Brix of coffee dispensed and the taste of the product to evaluate its goodness and correspondence to the recipe.

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Production capacity

Our production process uses unique and innovative tools on the market, which allow us to produce self-protected capsules through a degassing process. The capacity of our capsule filling and packaging lines is 2,000,000,000 capsules / year.

Grinding and Storage in Silos

The roasted coffee is ground directly in our production area. The particle size of ground coffee is always verified by a MASTERSIZER system that allows the perfect grinding for each different coffee blend.

Every production requires a different coffee grind and preliminary tests are carried out to assess their effectiveness. The ground coffee is stored and left degasseing for at least 8 hours in dedicated silos in a controlled atmosphere using a 99.5% pure nitrogen insertion, produced by our nitrogen plant, that being inert and completely anhydrous allows the preservation of the organoleptic properties of coffee during the degassing.

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